Little Green Monkey Stories

This series of five children's picture books for three-to-eight-year-olds is based on the tiny, pale-green monkeys that so entertained Thomasson's daughters whenever they visited the National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C.  Each book depicts an adventure of the Little Green Monkey, his family, and friends, and each presents a moral or lesson for children.  

In A Lost Tail (ISBN # 1-929202-14-8) Little Green Monkey finds a baby orangutan, who is visiting from Indonesia.  Since the orangutan is an ape instead of a monkey, he has no tail.  When Little Green  Monkey finds the baby alone and crying, however, he believes the little ape is crying because he has lost his tail.  Little Green Monkey then sets out to find it for him--until Mommy Monkey explains.

In Hattie to the Rescue (ISBN # 1-929202-15-6) Little Green Monkey and his sisters disobey their mother and go to the river to swing in the trees.  When Little Green Monkey shows off, he falls into the river--where Hattie Hippopotamus appears to save him and proves that Mommy knows best.

In Who's a Friend? (ISBN # 1-929202-16-4) Little Green Monkey is sad that he can't play the games his friends can.  When Reggie Rhinoceros asks him to stomp in the mud, he's happy--until he realizes how dirty he's become.  And Grandmommy and Granddaddy Monkey are coming to dinner!  Seeing Little Green Monkey crying, his friends pitch in to help him get clean--and home for dinner.

In Jocko Pays a Visit (ISBN # 1-929202-17-2) Little Green Monkey's cousin Jocko comes from South America for a visit.  Little Green Monkey is impressed when his cousin hangs by his tail--until Jocko continues to show off.  Little Green Monkey decides to teach Jocko a lesson by scaring him--until Daddy scolds Little Green Monkey.  The little monkeys apologize, and Jocko learns that others will like him better if he is just himself.

In Where's Eddie?  (ISBN # 1-929202-18-0) Little Green Monkey worries that when his friend Eddie Caterpillar changes into a butterfly and learns to fly, he won't be the same anymore.  Then, when Grandmommy Monkey becomes sick and changes her appearance, Little Green Monkey learns that "it doesn't matter how much your outside changes, inside you're still the same."

Key Benefits

  • Through the stories of Little Green Monkey and his friends, children will learn basic facts to help them distinguish between African and South American monkeys and monkeys and apes.
  • Children will learn that friends can come in all shapes and sizes.
  • Children will learn that it doesn't matter what people look like, it's what they're like inside that counts.
  • Children will learn the consequences of disobeying safety rules.
  • Children will learn that they should let others find out what they can do without showing off.